The alphabet comes to life in song and animation in this Live-In-Concert special!


How do you sing the alphabet? You start off with Alphabet Jig, and you L-M-N-O your way clear through to Z-innamrink. There's a song for every letter (and every one) as Sharon, Lois & Bram and Elephant invite you to sing and dance along to the music of their award-winning Sing A to Z recording.


Songs like C is for C-H-I-C-K-E-N, E is for Little Sir Echo, F is for Five Little Fishies, H is for Ham 'n Eggs, J is Jellyman Kelly, M is Mairzy Doats, N is for The Name Game, S is a Spelling Medley, V is for Down in the Valley, and more...


Songs Include:

1. The Alphabet Song
2. ABC Jig
3. "B", My Name is Bonnie
4. C-H-I-C-K-E-N
5. Tzena, Tzena
6. Little Sir Echo
7. Five Little Fishies
8. Grandpa's Farm
9. Ham & Eggs
10. When The Iceworms Nest Again
11. "J", My Name is Jenny
12. Jellyman Kelly
13. Kiddy Kum Kimo
14. Mairzy Doats
15. The Name Game
16. "O", My Name is Oscar
17. What Shall We Do
18. Hush, Little Baby
19. Riding In the Buggy / Tideo
20. Spelling Medley (Lollipop / S-M-I-L-E / Let's Take a W-A-L-K / B-I-N-G-O)
21. Up In the Air, Jr. Birdsmen
22. Down In The Valley
23. New World Coming
24. XYZinnamarink / Skinnamarink


Approx Run Time: 50 minutes

DVD Region: 1



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